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The purpose of this website is to bring to the Chiropractic Profession the correct and honest procedure in dealing and filing claims for Chiropractic Medicare. Every Doctor of Chiropractic who has any patient over the age of 65 is mandated, by federal law, to produce and bill Medicare for the chiropractic adjustment. (98940, 98941 or 98942)
Doctors of Chiropractic and office staff carry heavy responsibility, by federal law, to know the rules and regulations that chiropractors must follow, especially in Medicare.
There are NO set limits in Medicare for the chiropractic adjustment. The Doctor of Chiropractic must demonstrate two requirements to satisfy the Medicare guidelines so there are no limits for the number of adjustments you or your patients will be reimbursed.

Please read some of Dr. Street's Newsletters. He discusses the ABN, CERT Audits, the CMS Comparative Billing Report, and Documenting the Necessity of Care correctly. Also, feel free to contact him and discuss the Chiropractic Program in Medicare.

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"The Basics" Chiropractic Medicare
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