"The Basics" Chiropractic Medicare Compliance Guide & CD

Product Summary
Medicare Compliance forms on a CD with Microsoft Word and Publisher ready to be edited with your office name for compliance. An excellent purchase!
You can either write your own Medicare Compliance Book and activate the requirements in your office, or you may purchase a Medicare Compliance book like you did HIPAA. We have the Medicare Compliance book completed and ready for you office. It’s inexpensive and ready for your office. It’s easy to apply the requirements. It took me two and a half months and we produced “The Basics” Chiropractic Medicare Compliance Book and CD’s containing forms ready to be edited with information for any Chiropractic office. 
· Compliance Policy that is already completed
· The forms ready on a CD with Microsoft Word and Publisher for your office name edited onto the form
· Easy directions of how to implement the forms in your practice.
Price: $79.00   Add Postage: $5.00

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