"Fair" Hearing Audio CD Rom

Product Summary

This audio CD will explain “SPECIFICALLY” the Fair Hearing procedure. After learning to do Medicare correctly… if you receive a “denial”, always request a “Paper Claim Fair Hearing”.

The Fair Hearing audio CD specifically explains not only when to do a fair hearing, but most importantly, how to do a fair hearing. It is the Doctor’s responsibility to get all documentation to the carrier for reimbursement.

Once you have learned the correct way to do chiropractic Medicare (watching the video), if you receive any denial EOB’s, you should always request a Fair Hearing. (amounts over $100.00)

This audio CD will explain the chiropractic logics along with the presentation of your documentation so you should never loose a fair hearing.

It is recommended that you have attended “The Basics” Chiropractic Medicare Seminar or reviewed the Seminar Video so you have billed correctly in the first place.

· This audio CD will make the difference of losing or winning a fair hearing.

· The CD will give to you the understanding of “Documentation”.

· It contains the logics of the care our senior patients really receive from the adjustment.

· You will understand why there are NO limits in Medicare for the chiropractic adjustment.

"Fair" Hearing Audio CD Rom
$20.00 (plus $6.50 postage)

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