Completed HIPAA Forms and CD

Product Summary

Basic HIPAA forms on a CD Rom with Microsoft Word ready to be edited with your office name for HIPAA compliance. An excellent purchase!

I have always thought it “crazy” to spend hundreds of dollars for HIPAA Compliance kits, etc. However, HIPAA is complaint driven… and if a complaint is filed against you and you are not becoming compliant…. The fines begin at one hundred thousand dollars!!!

Our HIPAA package consists of example HIPAA forms and CD with forms that can be edited specifically for your office.

It also consists of a check-off list so your office continues to become compliant. Staff… you will love this package…. It’s easy to implement in your office.

· HIPAA that is already completed

· The correct forms ready for your name edited onto the form

· Check-off list to keep your office moving towards HIPAA compliance.

· Easy directions of how to implement the forms in your practice.


Completed HIPAA Forms and CD
$39.00 (plus $5.00 postage)

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