Medicare Par or Non-Par Audio CD Rom

Product Summary

The Par or Non-Par Audio CD is an excellent purchase… primarily because it addresses the issue about Medicare participation and the dangers of being  a Participating Provider.

This great audio CD address the subject of Non-participating provider versus Participating provider in the Medicare program.

If you are adjusting any Medicare patient, then you are either a participating or non-participating provider. 94.6% of all chiropractors are participating providers.

This audio CD will share with you facts, especially post-payment reviews which may have you considering becoming a non-participating provider.

· A little CD with a big message

· This CD will give to you information as to where you may be in danger with Medicare.

· Worried about Medicare? You should be if your are a participating provider.

· Non-participating providers accepting assignment… the worst position to be in.

· This CD is an “eye-opener” in Medicare.


Medicare Par or Non-Par Audio CD Rom
$20.00 (plus $6.50 postage)

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