About the Program

“The Basics” Chiropractic Medicare Seminar teaches the rules and regulations that Chiropractors and their staff must know. This program also shows how to “Document The Medical Necessity of Care” so there are NO limits in Medicare for the chiropractic adjustment. The program will teach both the doctor and staff the correct and honest way to deal with Medicare to surpass the soft caps set by the Medicare Carriers.  

Two criteria must be surpassed:

  1. The Doctor of Chiropractic must prove there is in fact a vertebral subluxation present. (Take x-rays)

  2. The Doctor of Chiropractic must “Document the Medical Necessity of Care”.
    (Documentation in Medicare is NOT S.O.A.P. notes)

If you want to do Chiropractic Medicare correctly and surpass the soft caps in Medicare, then I invite you to register for one of our Chiropractic Medicare seminars, or order "The Basics" Chiropractic Medicare DVD and Booklet .

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Dr. Street is also available as a speaker for your State Association meetings or special chiropractic groups. Please contact us for scheduling.


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