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The following is a preview of Dr. Street's book, "D.D. Palmer's Early Years - His Path To The Discovery Of Chiropractic Vol. 1"
(1st edition)

D.D. Palmer’s Early Years book covers D.D. Palmer from a child in Canada through some wild times and finally California.

D.D. Palmer's Early Years BOOK

An excellent book full of chiropractic information every chiropractor should know and own. Once you open the book…. You can’t put it down!

D.D. Palmer circa 1870

A photo of D.D. Palmer circa 1870.

Ryan Building Davenport

A photo of the Ryan Building , 4th. & Brady Davenport. location of the first Chiropractic adjustment on Harvey Lillard 1895.

D.D. Palmer's ponies Nip & Tuck

D.D. Palmer’s matched pair of pinto ponies, Nip & Tuck (the same name as the locomotive in D.D. Palmer’s boyhood days in Scogog.

D.D. Palmer and his family

D.D. and his family in 1880. From left to right: B.J., D.D., Jessie, May and Villa, D.D. Palmer’s 4th wife.

Harvey Lillard

Harvey Lillard knew D.D. Palmer in early years as he lived in What Cheer, Iowa and worked in the coal mines.

D.D. Palmer as schoolmaster Louisa County, Iowa

D.D. Palmer about the time he served as schoolmaster in Louisa County, Iowa.

Mabel Heath Palmer 1881-1949

Mabel Heath Palmer, D.C. (1881-1949), B.J. Palmer’s wife and secretary of Palmer School. She taught anatomy for more than 40 years and produced the Chiropractic Anatomy green book Volume IX.

B.J. Palmer and wife Mabel Heath Palmer 5-1-1904

B.J. and Mabel on their honeymoon  May 1, 1904.


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