"The Chiropractor" Booklets

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For nearly thirty years Dr. Street has been looking for and collecting D.D. Palmer's and B.J. Palmer's "The Chiropractor" Booklets. These booklets were printed each month beginning in 1904 up until 1908. In these booklets D.D. and B.J. used them to introduce chiropractic to the world and also to produce the first chiropractic Red book "The Science of Chiropractic" in 1906.

Dr. Street's collection is probably the best and only collection of "The Chiropractor" booklets available. There are four volumes total that we have comprised into 2 books. Book 1 contains Volume 1 and 2 of "The Chiropractor" booklets produced by D.D. Palmer prior to jail time. Book 2 contains Volume 3 and 4 of those booklets produced by B.J. Palmer after D.D. went to Portland and California. They are exciting to read and understand how the Palmer's protected and grew the profession of Chiropractic.



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