D.D. Palmer's Early Years -
His Path To The Discovery Of Chiropractic Vol. 1.
(1st edition)

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Staff, need a Gift for your Doctor of Chiropractic?

Several years ago, Dr. Merwyn Zarbuck and Dr. Gary R. Street found the B.J. Palmer Scrapbook in a sealed elevator shaft at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

It was an unbelievable find!

All chiropractic history prior to 1895 for the next eleven years was bound by quarter of years. As they opened the sealed packages, Glenda Weise, Palmer Archivist preserved documents, some are now available in the Palmer Archives in Davenport.

In 2004, Dr. Street did a presentation for the L.C.P. Program at Palmer College in regards to D.D. Palmer’s Early Years from boyhood days in Canada through the time he was placed in jail for practicing medicine without a license.

It was then that Dr. Street published the book… D.D. Palmer’s Early Years—His Path To The Discovery Of Chiropractic Vol. 1.

The book contains photos and materials out of the elevator shaft unseen by nearly our entire profession. It contains information about early chiropractic history and D.D. Palmer that is a mind bender. Once you begin… you can’t put it down.

Just to make it more interesting…  Dr. Street will include copies of letters written back and forth between D.D. and B.J. not ever seen before. These letters will not be available after First Edition of this book are gone. Act fast, only a few books from the first edition are left!

Staff… your Doctor will really enjoy!!! See preview of Dr. Street’s book on Chiropractic History page.

D.D. Palmer's Early Years -
His Path To The Discovery Of Chiropractic Vol. 1.
(1st edition)


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