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Updated: December 6, 2010
Dear Doctors and Staff,

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate passed a one month patch to maintain our present fee schedule.  This means we have the month of December with the same fees. However, if Congress does not pass a law to maintain our fees by January 1, 2011, our fees will be decreased by 25%.

ACTION STEP: Call both your Representatives and Senators requesting their support for continuing our present fees. To find you Representatives and Senators go to:

The window is still open for becoming a non-participating provider.  The certified letter requesting to become a NON-participating provider must reach your carrier prior to December 31st.

The changes that will happen in your office upon becoming a NON-participating provider are:
  1. You will not collect above your "limiting charge" for each adjustment from 
    your patient at time of visit.
  2. You will bill to the Medicare carrier not over the limiting charge set by your
    Medicare carrier. (The highest fees in Medicare for 98940, 98941 and 98942.)
  3. You should begin NOW telling your Medicare patients," Mrs. Brown,
    beginning next year, your Medicare carrier will pay YOU the reimbursement for your Chiropractic adjustment. You will pay us at the time of visit and we will bill Medicare for you."
BOTTOM LINE: If you wish to learn how to do Chiropractic Medicare correctly, including "documenting" by federal standards, please consider ordering our Chiropractic Medicare DVD and booklet. It explains piece by piece every important step in doing and billing Chiropractic Medicare so there are no limits for the chiropractic adjustment. If you are audited you will have done Medicare correctly and win your audit. You and your staff will be very happy you have this important and mandatory information. I promise it will make a difference in your understanding of Medicare and how you bill Medicare.
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Keep in mind, Medicare is the only insurance type program that if done incorrectly is fraud, a felony, a fine and/or jail.

I promise you will be more than satisfied that you made the right decision to purchase this information or attend our presentation. Please give me a call if you have questions. 1-618-395-3162

Best regards,
Dr. Gary R. Street

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