Newsletter Archives 2010

July Pre-payment Treatment Plan in Medicare
June Fees in Medicare
August CERT National Chiropractic Review
September Documenting Chiropractic Necessity of Care
September 27 Protect Yourself (What to send for a Medicare CERT Audit)
October 4 Perfectly Clear
October 13 A Better Understanding of the ABN
October 18 Audit Wise
October 28 CMS, Comparative Billing Report (CBR)
November 1 Error Rate
November 10 Medicare Audits and Your Response
November 15 Veterans Chiropractic Bill and Medicare Executive Summary
November 22 A Call For Action
November 29 Participating Medicare Provider Window
December 6 Everyday's a New Day!
December 13 End of the Year
December 20 Medicare Fee Cut One Year Extension Plus (RAD) "Requests for Additional Documentation Missing Percentages"
December 27 Chiropractic Medicare Notes
Ending 2010

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